The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

the name of the wind

Truth be told, it took me a while to get sucked into Kvothe's story. But, at around page 150, I was all in!

Rothfuss is a phenomenal storyteller. His prose is delightful and easy to read, and his descriptions were lush without being flowery.

Kvothe is an intriguing character and, despite being gifted, he fucks up a lot. It helps that the story begins when he's in his early teens; his development and journey feels more honest and realistic because of his numerous faults.

The magical elements are also understated, which I appreciate. It was refreshing to see magic as a natural part of the world instead of the main focus. Though magical elements are there, and add quite a bit to the story, Kvothe's growth as a person is at the forefront of the tale.

Though a long read, I recommend The Name of the Wind to anyone looking for a great fantasy novel that focuses more on character than magic.