Query Update

Since my last post, I have sent out 24 query letters and submitted to Pitch Wars. Of those queries, I am sitting on the following:

10 rejections, one after a partial request

2 full requests, one I declined based on the agent's reputation

12 unanswered queries

The world of publishing is chaotic. Though I have had a few nibbles, the majority of feedback thus far has been negative and packaged in a form rejection. For those who aren't familiar with the querying process, a form rejection is essentially a copy and pasted reply. I realize agents don't have time to offer personalized responses and am accepting of the fact many will pass without telling me why. However, some do the bare minimum. I received a form rejection which started with "Dear Writer". Would it be so hard to type my name in place of the generic address?

I have a great deal of waiting to go but am happy to say that a few agents have expressed interest. On October 14th, I am headed to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference and will be able to pitch Lipstick Covered Magnet to an agent there.

This is an arduous process. Some days I feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Other days go by with optimism. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions but I'm happy to say I've put myself out there.