Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction


Africa Risen is a great collection by new-to-me writers. Each story provides a fascinating take on common science fiction or fantasy plots, and I appreciated reading tales that weren't influenced by Western culture. There were many stories I enjoyed and only a few I didn't care for. What follows is a list of all the stories within this collection, listed in order of my preference:


The Lady of the Yellow-Painted Library

The Papermakers

A Soul of Small Places

The Sugar Mill

Ghost Ship

Biscuit and Milk

Air to Shape Lungs

When the Mata Wata Met a Demon

The Blue House

Mami Wataworks

A Girl Crawls in a Dark Corner

The Soul Would Have No Rainbow

Ruler of the Rear Guard

Exiles of Witchery

Door Crashers

Rear Mirror

Hanfo Driver

A Dream of Electric Mothers

Star Watchers

Liquid Twilight

A Knight in Tunisia

The Taloned Beast

The Carving of War

Peeling Time (Deluxe Edition)

Housewarming for a Lion Goddess

The Devil is Us

Cloud Mine

March Magic


Once Upon a Time in 1967

Deification of Ogodo

I would recommend this collection to anyone looking for a sci-fi/fantasy collection written from a new perspective. With the large collection of stories, there's sure to be something for everyone.

*Thanks to Tor for providing me with an ARC.*